M贸nica Bertuccio, Sworn Translator. Universidad de Mor贸n. Freelance translator specialized in medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary areas, also in legal and technical translations.

Marcela Cultraro, Sworn Translator. Universidad de Mor贸n. Proofreader and editor. Freelance translator specialized in legal, business and marketing聽areas. Also leisure & travel, and alternative therapies texts.

To produce quality translations within the fixed terms, and meet the expectations
that the globalized world demands today.

To be a translation company known not only for its large experience but also for its commitment to its clients,
providing a high-quality service and a personalized assistance.

What we do:
Sworn and simple聽Spanish ><English translations.

We specialize in:
Legal | Medical | Scientific | Technical |聽Business and Commerce | Marketing | Tourism and Leisure | Literature

We translate:
Web pages, commercial mails, papers, brochures, manuals, personal documents, diplomas, syllabus, etc.

And more:
Proofreading. Editing. Writing.

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